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Whau Flags

25 Sep 2015

I've been working on a side project for the Whau Arts Festival happening in Avondale, Auckland from the 15th - 18th October. "Whau Flags" is an interactive installation (online at whauflags.nz and via screens at the festival) that generates flag designs. The site gives participants ways to interact with the installation by guiding the evolution of new designs, saving and sharing favourites and more. It's still under construction but usable now.

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Auckland Crash Animation

30 Jan 2015

Auckland Central Crashes 2010-2014 from Hamish Campbell on Vimeo.

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Popular New Zealand Road Names

19 Jan 2015

I pulled down Land Information New Zealand's Road Centre Line dataset to have quick look at name statistics. To analyse the data, import it to Postgres with shp2pgsql:

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Random Maps, October 2014

28 Oct 2014

This graphic of Queenstown (New Zealand) uses a nice technique to show the incline of town streets. This is a great way to make a pedestrian-friendly transport map.

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