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Auckland Crash Animation

30 January 2015

Auckland Central Crashes 2010-2014 from Hamish Campbell on Vimeo.

The NZTA collects detailed crash data from the NZ Police. This data, held in the NZ Crash Analysis System (CAS) is published regularly (here ) and provides detailed data on the location, causes and consequences of crashes on New Zealand roads.

The above animation shows all central Auckland crashes over the period Jan 2010 to June 2014 (the latest available data). Fatalities are coded in dark red, severe injury crashes in orange, minor injury crashes in yellow and no-injury crashes in blue. The map is made with QGIS and the frames generated with the TimeManager plugin.

This is a very simple view of the data. The tables contain lots of useful information, like:

  • The types of vehicles involved (as well as cyclists and pedestrians)
  • Weather and lighting conditions
  • Vehicle movement
  • Characteristics of the road

What sorts of questions would you ask, given the above information?